IELTS Results Service

Welcome to the new IELTS Results Service for the US and Canada

The IELTS Results Service is a complimentary service available to IELTS recognizing organizations, that includes 2 different services - Verification and E-Delivery, to help Administrators process IELTS results submitted to their institution. The IELTS Results Service Score Delivery Guide will walk you through the IELTS Results Service to help you better understand what options are available for IELTS score delivery, provide instructions on how to use our complimentary services to process results, and also share information about how to verify IELTS Test Report Forms for authenticity.

To access these services, organizations must be registered to accept IELTS. If your institution does not currently accept IELTS, please click here to become a recognizing organization.

View Terms and Conditions for more information.

The Verification Service is a secure online system that gives registered institutional Administrators the ability to search and verify IELTS results using the test taker’s unique Test Report Form number printed on the paper Test Report Form (TRF).

The service helps IELTS recognizing organizations authenticate TRFs by matching scores to information in our system. By using this on a regular basis, organizations can ensure they are processing genuine IELTS results to help detect fraudulent test results.


The E-Delivery Service transmits IELTS results to the registered institution’s online results service account*, allowing the organization’s Administrator to securely access and download authentic IELTS results for all test takers who elect to send their scores to the receiving institution. 

Some of the benefits of this new service include:

  • Confidence in results transmitted directly from official IELTS test centers
  • Easier processing of test results from multiple test takers
  • Elimination of manual entry of scores from paper Test Report Forms
  • Notification of new results submitted by applicants

*This service is in lieu of receiving hard copy IELTS Test Report Forms. Please note, when an organization registers to receive results in their E-Delivery account, hard copy Test Report Forms will no longer be mailed to the institution.


Click here to register for the IELTS Verification or E-Delivery Services. 

A primary Administrator* must be assigned to each institution’s online results service account, and that person will have the ability to add secondary Administrators and additional Users.

*Please note, the primary Administrator is also responsible for deleting Users who no longer need access to the online results services account.


Login to access the IELTS Results Service.

Please watch this video as soon as you have completed your registration. You will be shown step by step how to set up your account:

More videos are also available here: