IELTS Makes the Grade - All U.S. Ivy League Schools now recognize IELTS

Overseas students wishing to apply for a place at the prestigious Ivy League Schools in the U.S. can now use IELTS (the International English Language Test) as an indicator of their English language skills.

Dartmouth College, located in Hanover, New Hampshire, now accepts IELTS for undergraduate admissions. Overseas students applying for admissions to the Ivy League Schools – Dartmouth, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Yale, Princeton Universities and the University of Pennsylvania – for the 2009–10 year, can use IELTS as evidence of their English language skills (Admission requirements vary between schools. Students should check with each school, at which level – undergraduate or graduate – they accept IELTS).

Beryl E. Meiron, US Executive Director for IELTS International, said: “This is great news for high achievers with excellent skills who want to attend any of these prestigious schools. Taking IELTS gets them one step closer to studying in the US. But just as importantly it proves they have the necessary language skills to help them succeed in their studies and make the most of the exciting opportunities available on campus and in their new communities.”

IELTS is now accepted by more than 2,000 U.S. academic faculties, colleges and universities. In addition candidates can take the test at more than 500 test centres worldwide and use their test scores at 6,000 institutions around the world.