IELTS test arrangements in China for July 2020

IELTS will begin a phased reopening of testing in China in agreement with NEEA (National Education Examinations Authority) based on the domestic Covid-19 containment provision and local IELTS test centres’ situation. This will see us:

  • Resume computer-delivered IELTS and IELTS for UKVI tests from 9 July at three existing computer-delivered IELTS test centres in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing; meanwhile we are opening a new test venue in Shanghai computer-delivered IELTS test centre.
  • Resume paper-based IELTS tests gradually from 11 July at 12 test venues across China.

Testing will recommence with a series of additional health and safety precautions introduced in line with local government advice.

All other testing venues remain closed for the time being due to epidemic control requirements.

Test takers who are unable to access a test centre will receive a credit to their personal registration account.

Thank you for your understanding and support in the past few months.

We will remain in close contact with relevant authorities and test centre partners with a view to offering more tests at more test centres after July where conditions allow us to do so. 

We will regularly update the list of re-opened test venues and new test dates on the IELTS registration website. Please stay tuned.

IELTS test venues that will reopen in July

Paper-based test venues

City  Venue Resumption date
 Suzhou University  11 July 2020
 Yangzhou  Yangzhou University  11 July 2020
 Ningbo  Ningbo University  11 July 2020
 Xi’an  Xi’an International Studies University  11 July 2020
 Xi’an  Northwest Polytechnic University  11 July 2020
 Nanning  Guangxi University  11 July 2020
 Shijiazhuang  Shijiazhuang Information Engineering College  11 July 2020
 Shenzhen  Shenzhen SEG Personnel Training Centre  11 July 2020
 Xi’an  Shaanxi Normal University  18 July 2020
 Xiamen  Xiamen University  18 July 2020
 Chongqing  Sichuan International Studies University  18 July 2020
 Chongqing  Chongqing University  18 July 2020

Computer-delivered test venues

 City Venue Resumption date
 Shanghai  Garden Square  9 July 2020
 Shanghai  The Place  9 July 2020
 Guangzhou  Tianhe Square  9 July 2020
 Chongqing  Metropolitan Oriental Plaza  9 July 2020