New IELTS campaign aims to get the world talking

This week, IELTS – the world’s most trusted English test - has launched a new campaign reminding us of the importance of human conversations. 

The campaign, which runs across social media in nine countries, is inspired by stories of three IELTS test takers as they achieve their life, study, career, and migration ambitions. 

IELTS developed the campaign in the wake of global lockdowns and physical distancing restrictions. 

“This year, more than ever, we have been reminded of the special power of human conversations,” said Warwick Freeland, Managing Director – IELTS, at IDP Education.  

“When we could no longer come together in person, we lent on conversations to help us stay connected to our families, our work and our studies,” he said. 

“IELTS is a test that centres around ensuring people have confidence in their English language, and in doing so, empowering them to have the conversations they need.”

IELTS, the test trusted by more than 10,000 organisations around the world, is the global benchmark in assessing people’s English ability. 

Mr Freeland said a key aspect of the test is its focus on human conversations rather than speaking to a computer as some of the lower standard English tests on the market do. 

“We know artificial intelligence is improving, but it is not yet at the point that can emulate a human to human conversation in a way you can trust,” he said. 

“We know that people who try to rely on lower standard, shorter, computer-assessed tests, unfortunately set themselves up to fail later down the track.” 

“When life-changing goals are on the line like achieving your dream job or moving internationally, our customers know you can’t take short cuts.”

The campaign launch comes as IELTS test centres have opened around the world.

With additional precautions in place to help create a safe test day experience, IELTS is delivering both paper-based and on computer testing in more than 130 countries.