IELTS Research Reports - Volume 2


Contents (PDF, 34KB)

Foreword (PDF, 34KB)

Report 1 - An investigation of speaking test reliability (PDF, 2.8MB)

The research project was designed to complement research being carried out at the time by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) into candidate and examiner discourse produced in the Speaking Module of the test ...


Researcher: Brent Merrylees, LTC Language and Testing Consultants Pty Ltd, Australia

Report 2 - The effect of background disciplines on IELTS scores (PDF, 1.9MB)

Three hundred and ninety-eight IELTS candidates were randomly selected from the IDP Education Australia offices in the Klang Valley of Malaysia to participate in an IELTS research project which was carried out to determine whether background discipline had any effect on the scores attained in the IELTS test ...


Researchers: Cynthia Celestine and Cheah Su Ming, IDP Education Australia

Report 3 - A comparison of IELTS and TOEFL as predictors of academic success (PDF, 386KB)

With increasing numbers of international students enrolling in universities in English speaking countries such as Australia, the question of the level of English Language Proficiency (ELP) necessary for academic success becomes critical ...


Researchers: Kathryn Hill, Neomy Storch and Brian Lynch, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Report 4 - Authenticity in the IELTS Academic Module writing test (PDF, 2.2MB)

The study reported here investigated the authenticity of the Task 2 component on the IELTS Writing test (academic module). Specifically, the study's aim was to find out the extent to which this component of the test corresponds to the Writing tasks set in the two domains, and through interviews with academic staff ...


Researchers: Tim Moore, Monash University, Australia; Janne Morton, The University of Melbourne, Australia

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