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Information for candidates

Information for Candidates

Gives an overview of the test format and helps test takers prepare for the IELTS test.

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Guide for agents

Guide for agents

Provides information for education and migration agents so that they can guide their clients through IELTS.

IELTS for organisations

Guide for organisations

Includes an overview of the test format, and helps organisations to identify the appropriate level of English language proficiency required for their programmes.

Guide for teachers

Guide for teachers

Provides information about the test, including assessment criteria for the Writing and Speaking tests. It also includes teacher resources for preparing students for IELTS, and introduces professional development opportunities for teachers through examining or research.

Ensuring quality and fairness in international language testing

Ensuring quality and fairness in international language testing

Includes an overview of some of the key features of IELTS and how they contribute to reliable, relevant and fair language assessment − from the production of test materials, through test delivery, evaluation of test taker performance and test outcomes.

Life Skills guide for test takers and agents

IELTS Life Skills guide for test takers and agents

Provides an overview of the test levels, format and focus. It also offers information on registration, preparation and results.

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Life Skills guide for teachers

IELTS Life Skills guide for teachers

Includes information about the test format and offers detailed descriptions of assessment criteria. In addition, it offers teaching tips to prepare students for IELTS Life Skills.

IELTS on computer

IELTS on computer for test takers

Provides information on what is IELTS on computer and how to prepare for it.

IELTS on Computer RO brochure

IELTS on computer for organisations

Provides information for organisations on what is IELTS on computer, what it provides and how to  help test takers prepare for it.

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Setting IELTS scores for organisations

Setting your IELTS score

Guidance to help you set appropriate IELTS score requirements for your organisation.

Setting IELTS entry scores
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Register your organisation

Reach out to new prospective test takers by listing your minimum IELTS score requirements on this site.

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Verifying IELTS results online

Verify IELTS scores

Check test results, individually or in batches, with the free IELTS Results Verification Service.

Processing and verifying IELTS results