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Special requirements

IELTS test centres make every effort to cater for test takers with special requirements

IELTS Test Centres make every effort to cater to test takers with special needs. If you require a modified version of the test you must give the Test Centre three months’ notice. This notice period is necessary for the modified test version to be prepared. If your circumstances require special administrative arrangements to be made, e.g. extra time, you must give the test centre six weeks' notice.
Special arrangements include the following:

  • Braille papers
  • Special Listening CD with necessary stops and pauses
  • Lip-reading version of the Listening test
  • Enlarged print or brailled Speaking task cards

Please contact your local test centre as soon as possible if you have special needs that may require a modified IELTS test version.
Do you have a disability or special requirements?
We have a number of ways to help IELTS test takers who have special requirements, such as:

Visual difficulties

If you are blind, partially sighted or have problems seeing, we may be able to help you take your IELTS test.

Hearing or speaking difficulties

The IELTS test includes a Listening and a Speaking test. If you are hard of hearing or cannot hear or have difficulties speaking, we may be able to help you take your exam.

Learning difficulties

If you have specific learning difficulties, like dyslexia, we may be able to help you take your IELTS test.