Cancellations, refunds and transfers

General guidance for test takers taking IELTS on paper and on computer

Important notes:

The guidance below is a summary of what all IELTS test takers can expect when registering for an IELTS on paper and on computer test anywhere in the world. Detailed policy terms vary according to test center location and so please contact your local test center as relevant for further information. 

If local consumer protection law in the country you have registered to take the IELTS test provides for cancellation and transfer rights which are more favourable than the terms set out in this document or in more detailed local test center guidance, then local consumer protection law will apply. 

If you are taking IELTS for UKVI or IELTS Life Skills then different policy terms apply. The IELTS for UKVI policy is a standard and globally applicable set of terms and conditions.

A. Cancellations

You can cancel your IELTS test registration at any time before taking your test by notifying your Test Center. Refund terms depend upon when you cancel and whether exceptional circumstances apply. 

1. Test taker exceptions

You may make a case for exceptional circumstances to your Test Center before the test and up to five calendar days after the test date if you did not attend the test. Your Test Center will respond to you within seven working days of receiving your case in writing. Your Test Center will assess your case for exceptional circumstances. 

All cases for exceptional circumstances and supporting evidence must be received by your Test Center before or no later than five calendar days after the scheduled test date.
If your Test Center approves your case, you will receive a refund.

We define exceptional circumstances as:

  • Serious medical conditions which prevent you from attending or performing normally on test day; such conditions require supporting evidence of a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Evidence of bereavement, trauma or other forms of significant hardship.
  • Military service.

2. Test center exceptions

Under certain circumstances outside Test Center control, we may have to cancel your test. These circumstances include and are not limited to extreme weather conditions, natural disaster, civil unrest, industrial action, global pandemic or for reasons of force majeure.

In these circumstances, your Test Center will provide you with as much notice as possible and give you the choice of either a full refund, or, a transfer to a future test date convenient to you.

B. Transfers

You may change your test date at any time before the test. However, depending on when you make your transfer request – that is, how near to the test day – your request may be treated as a cancellation.

You must select a test date, where available, within three months from your original test date. If your preferred test date is more than three months after your original test date then your transfer will be treated as a cancellation.

You can only transfer the same booking once.