Choose IELTS – the world’s favourite test of English

10 reasons why IELTS can help you study, work, or live overseas

1. IELTS is the world’s favorite test of English for migration

More than 30 million IELTS tests have been taken since the test was first created in 1989.

Every week, on average, an incredible 60,000 people take an IELTS test. If you are deciding which test to choose, IELTS can help you.

2. IELTS is accepted by more countries than any other test of English

If you want to move abroad and need an English language test, IELTS is the only test that is accepted by these English-speaking immigration authorities:

 Australia Canada  New Zealand  United Kingdom

You do not need an IELTS test for a visa for the United States of America, but IELTS can still help you on your journey to the USA. Our test is accepted by more than 3,400 colleges and universities in the USA.

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3. No other test of English is accepted by more universities, colleges, or academic institutions

IELTS is the #1 test of English for academic study.

Your IELTS results will be recognised and accepted by 11,000 institutions around the world. This means that wherever you want to study, it’s likely IELTS can help.

No other test is accepted more than IELTS

4. IELTS is the only test of English that is a global partnership

Our co-founders have almost 250 years’ experience helping learners.

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for culture and education. Founded as a charity in 1934 they have been working to make a positive contribution to the world for almost 90 years.

Cambridge English was founded in 1913 as part of the University of Cambridge in England. The tests you take with IELTS are based on more than 150 years of test design experience. Our teams help to ensure that IELTS prepares you for work or study in your new country.

IDP: IELTS Australia was founded in 1969. For more than 50 years IDP has been a leader in global education services helping universities and their students. IDP: IELTS Australia has been a co-owner of IELTS since 1989.

IELTS USA is jointly owned by the partners and helps to guarantee that your IELTS test is recognized by thousands of universities and colleges across the USA.

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5. We make it simple for you to prepare for an IELTS test

All of the IELTS Partners offer resources to help you learn English and prepare for the test, including courses, books, and videos. We want to help you succeed.

Find all of the tips, advice, and preparation from the IELTS Partners:

britishcouncil IDP: IELTS Australia Cambridge logo

Listen to past test takers, find advice, and learn more about the test on YouTube:


6. IELTS questions are set by real people and marked by real people

We know that a test can be a stressful experience. Our examiners help you feel comfortable so that you can do as well as possible. You talk to real people in real life – that's why, with IELTS, your English is assessed by a real person not a computer.

Our friendly examiners are highly trained and will hear you clearly, understand your accent, and give you the right marks. Some other tests only use a computer. IELTS uses real people to mark your test.
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7. You can choose the right way to take an IELTS test

IELTS gives you a choice of how you take your test.

If you would like to handwrite your answers, IELTS is the test for you. Look for our on paper test centers. 

If using a computer is your preference, IELTS gives you what you need. Our on-computer tests are ready for you. 

If you would prefer to take your test at home or you can’t get to a test center then you can take IELTS Online.

Ways to take IELTS

8. IELTS tests are available where you are

You can take IELTS in almost every country in the world. We are available in 1,600 test center locations in over 140 countries worldwide, and we are adding more all the time.

If you can’t reach a test center or would prefer to take IELTS at home, you can with IELTS Online.

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9. We have designed IELTS tests to fit your future needs

If you are using your IELTS test to succeed in your studies, find an institution that accepts IELTS and choose the IELTS Academic test.

If you want an IELTS test to move abroad for work or visas, choose IELTS General Training, or find out about even more options for moving to the United Kingdom.

Our questions use relevant content and real-life conversations, designed to help you succeed, in work, study and general life.

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10. With IELTS it’s easy to get started

Choose how you’d like to prepare, book a test, or find out more.