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Call for research proposals

Apply for funding to undertake applied research projects on IELTS

The IELTS partners invite educational institutions and suitably qualified individuals to apply for funding to undertake applied research projects in relation to the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Financial support for individual projects selected is limited to a maximum of £45,000/AU$70,000.  

IELTS joint-funded research program 2017

Guidelines for applying

Annual timetable
30 June 2017 Deadline for applications
July/August 2017 Preliminary review of applications
October 2017 Evaluation and selection of successful applicants
November 2017 Applicants are notified of the Research Committee's decision 
January 2018 Research commences. Programs can be one or two years in length.
December 2018/19
Final reports due 

All applications received will be treated on a confidential basis. The decision of the review committee is final.

Proposals are welcomed from researchers and institutions with expertise in language learning and assessment research. Institutions/individuals are invited to submit a written application (maximum of 10 pages, unbound) in accordance with the format and content requirements, see guidelines for applying.

2017 application forms