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Do universities in US accept the scores sent through email?
Emailed results are not considered official, so you must contact the test center where you took the test to request your official IELTS results be sent to institution of your choice. You will receive one personal copy of your IELTS test report form by mail, which you should keep. You may send up to five free copies of your IELTS results to institutions by listing them on your application form, or by contacting the test center where you took the test.

What is the minimum band score I need to study in the USA?
Each US organization has its own IELTS score requirements, so we would recommend you download our list of US institutions and programs that accept IELTS in the United States, which includes minimum IELTS band scores. You can download this list by going to and clicking on "IELTS USA Recognition List". We recommend you contact the institution directly to confirm their other admissions requirements. 

Where can I find a list of all universities that accept IELTS scores in the USA?  
You can search a full list of institutions that accept IELTS in the USA on our website at by clicking on “IELTS USA Recognition List”. This list is updated at the beginning of each month, and reflects our most up-to-date information on institutions that accept IELTS in the USA. 

How many total universities accept IELTS scores in the USA?
There are over 3,400 institutions that currently accept IELTS in the USA, and that number is constantly growing each month.

I just took IELTS. Where can I review my results? 
If you took your test at an IELTS test center in the USA, you can preview your result at must enter your contact details in every field on the form (passport/ID number, candidate number, and you must write your name exactly as it was written when you registered (as it appears on the form of ID you used to register). If you have any questions, please contact the center where you took the test for more information.

Where can I find a test center near me?
To find a test center near you,you please visit Find a test location page and locate your nearest test center using the 'Find An IELTS Test' on the right hand of the page. 

How does IELTS differ from other English language proficiency tests? 
IELTS is a paper-and-pencil test that includes a face-to-face speaking section with a certified and trained Examiner. IELTS is a test of English as an international language, and it accepts all standard varieties of English accents – American, Australian and British.

Where can I make the payment for my IELTS exam?
You can make the payment to the test center you registered your IELTS test at. Please contact them to make the payment for your test. 

I haven’t received my IELTS scores yet, what can I do? 
Test results for IELTS are available 13 calendar days after you take the test, and will be mailed to the address you listed on your registration. You may contact the test center where you took your test to check the status of your results, but please be advised the test centers cannot give results over the phone or by email.

Does IELTS USA offer any English classes to prepare for the test? 
IELTS is a test meant to assess your level of English language proficiency, and we do not offer English classes. If you are interested in learning English, we recommend you contact a local language school in your area. A list of available IELTS preparation materials is available at Please also contact your local IELTS test center to find out if they have IELTS prep courses or workshops.

Where can I find information about applying for a student visa to study in the USA? 
We can only answer questions about the IELTS test, so we recommend contacting your local EducationUSA office for more information about student visas. More information about EducationUSA can be found at

Do you offer any practice materials?
Students are welcome to use the free IELTS sample tests on our website, for some examples from IELTS.