Information for US Test Takers

Results for paper-based IELTS are available 13 days after you take the test. Results for computer-delivered IELTS are available after 3 to 5 days. Please refer to the IELTS Indicator support website for information regarding IELTS Indicator results.

The IELTS USA test center will send a copy of your test results to up to five institutions or organizations for free. Please note, there may be an administrative fee if results need to be sent to institutions outside of the United States. Or for results requested 30 days after your test date.

You will also receive one copy of your TRF by postal mail. Please make sure you enter your details correctly, so that it is sent to the right address.

The TRF will only be replaced if it is lost or damaged. To get a copy of your TRF, you will need to contact the test center where you took the test and submit a request in writing. You will also need to provide a copy of the ID document you used on test day. 

Scores can be previewed online for a limited time after they are released and the IELTS USA test center will provide you with information on how to view your provisional results online. Note, provisional IELTS results may not be used as an official IELTS Test Report Form, which will be issued by postal mail. 

Sending Your Results to an IELTS Organization

Please ask your IELTS USA test center to make a score delivery request to an IELTS organization(s). Your test results will be available after 13 days if you took the paper-based test. Or 3 to 5 days if you took the test on a computer. 

If you would like to request additional IELTS results to be sent to organizations after the test date, then please use the IELTS USA Test Report Form (TRF) Request Form.

Directions for Submitting

Organizations may choose to receive either paper Test Report Forms or use the IELTS electronic score delivery service. Please check with your chosen organization to find out which method they use.

Due to high demand, it could take 14 to 21 days for your organization to process your results. If your organization has not received your IELTS test results after 21 days, please email

Need more help? Please visit the getting your results page

Getting Results from a Closed IELTS Test Center

If your IELTS test center has closed, your results can be sent to your nominated organizations, by completing the Closed IELTS Test Center Form.

Note: You can only request your results from a closed IELTS test center within 2 years of your test date. If your test date was more than 2 years ago, you cannot use the Closed IELTS Test