How to use IELTS results

This guide is a web-based platform designed for people who use IELTS results in their place of work. It provides an overview of test development, assessment and score processing for educational institutions, professional bodies, governments and employers.

There are four sections within this guide:

  • Overview: A brief explanation of the purpose of IELTS and how it is used as evidence of English abilities around the world.
  • IELTS Results: Information about how to ensure the IELTS results you receive from your applicants are genuine.
  • Band Scores: Details about IELTS scoring to help you determine the minimum level of English language skills required at your organisation.
  • Four Skills: A review of the test format including sample questions from each section of the test (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

Topics covered include:

  • What the IELTS test is, the test format, assessment and marking
  • How the IELTS test can help you meet your organisation’s needs
  • How to access and apply for the IELTS Results Service
  • IELTS band scores and how to set your IELTS requirements
  • Detailed information on each of the four test sections
  • Examples of IELTS questions and sample responses

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