API integration

The IELTS Results Service with API Integration delivers IELTS results directly to the registered institution’s application management or CRM system, allowing the organisation’s Administrator to authenticate IELTS results for all test takers who elect to send their scores to the receiving institution. 

Key benefits of the new API Integration*:

  • IELTS results records direct to application management or CRM system 
  • Easier processing of test results from multiple test takers
  • Elimination of manual entry of scores from paper Test Report Forms
  • Notification of new results submitted by applicants**

To register for the IELTS Results Service with API Integration, please complete the API Registration Form.
We recommend you consult your application management or CRM system provider about integrating with the IELTS Results Service API.
Please contact stakeholder@ieltsusa.org to learn more about any of these services via customised a webinar.

*IELTS Results Service with API Integration is an additional service to E-Delivery and is conditional on the registered institution having an E-delivery account. 

**Email notifications when a new or updated IELTS result is shared can be configured in the registered institution’s E-Delivery account.