Research reports

Leading academics and researchers worldwide contribute to the continued development and improvement of IELTS by undertaking funded research

Below you can find open access reports of research into IELTS. The reports are published under different series as described below:

  • IELTS Research Reports Online Series – reports from the Joint-funded Research grants programme.
  • IELTS Partnership Research Papers – reports on research undertaken or commissioned by the IELTS Partners including the Studies in Test Comparability Series.
  • IELTS Research updates – key developments about IELTS products and services. 
  • SiLT – Studies in Language Testing (SiLT) - a series of academic volumes of important issues and new developments in language testing and assessment edited by Professor Lynda Taylor and Dr Nick Saville.
  • Research Notes – quarterly publication reporting on matters relating to research, test development and validation within Cambridge English. 

List of research grant recipients and topics

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