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IELTS activities at IATEFL Belfast 2022

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IATEFL winner
IATEFL winner

IELTS activities at IATEFL Belfast 2022

Three Ways to Combat the Feeling of Teaching in Isolation

Helping Students Improve on the IELTS Listening Test: Develop Listening Skills for the IELTS

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How to Build Rapport in the ESL Classroom with Engaging Icebreakers

A lady in speaking test with a male examiner

Demystifying the IELTS Speaking test

Teacher tips - Bingo

How to Prepare Learners for Matching Headings Task on the IELTS Reading Test

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How to Address Vocabulary in an IELTS Preparation Course

How to Incorporate an Independent Reading Project into an IELTS Prep Course

Learn the Basics About Preparing Your Students for IELTS

How to Boost Student Talk Time Using Scripts

How to Boost Student Talk Time in Zoom

What is Backward Course Design?

How to Teach Paragraph-Level Cohesion?

Using Impromptu Speaking Tasks to Prepare Learners for IELTS Speaking

5 Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a New Teacher

How to Create Trauma-Informed Classrooms

Preparing Learners for Task 1 on the IELTS Academic Writing Test

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The Power of Student Feedback

Creative Thinking Techniques to Promote Fluency

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The Chunking Method: Teaching Language Learners how to Paraphrase


What is Flipped Learning?

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