IELTS Online familiarisation tests

Prepare for your IELTS Online test by practising sample test questions on the IELTS Online test platform. You can try different question types in the Listening, Academic Reading, and Academic Writing tests.

The practice experience will show you how everything will work on your screen ahead of the test day. As these are practice tests, they are not timed. There are some variations from the live tests, including the timer, highlighting, and notes functions performing differently. 

Listening test

You will hear four different recordings. You will hear each recording ONCE only. The test is in four parts, with 40 questions in total.

Academic Reading test

You will read three texts. The test is in three parts, with 40 questions in total.

Academic Writing test

The test consists of two writing tasks.

To make sure you understand what to expect on your test day, we recommend you read the test format page and practise with official sample tests.

For more guidance, watch our tutorials on YouTube for step-by-step instructions on using the platform.