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FAQs on the IELTS Results Verification Service

  • If I no longer require the service, how can I remove my account? If you are a user, the Administrator for your organisation is able to delete your account. If you are an Administrator, email IELTSTRF@cambridgeenglish.org to inform us whether you require a 'change of Administrator', or the account for your organisation removed entirely. Note. This will mean that all user accounts will be deleted, so it is preferable to request a 'change of Administrator' so that user accounts can be transferred.
  • Can I access IELTS results which are more than two years old online? We recommend you do not accept a TRF which is older than two years at time of receipt, but if you wish to do so, TRFs dating back more than two years can be accessed via the online verification service. Please note that the IELTS Partners will not endorse IELTS scores obtained over two years ago. Therefore, if you accept TRFs older than two years, and receive 'No Match Found' screen when trying to verify online, our policy states we are unable to assist you further.
  • Why do the IELTS Test Partners not endorse TRFs over two years? An IELTS test result show a test taker's English language ability at the time of taking the test. Language ability does change over time, depending on circumstances, so IELTS results are usually taken as a good indicator of ability for a period of two years after taking the test. After this period the test taker's level of English may improve with regular use or may fall as a result of non-use. For this reason it is the policy of the IELTS Partners not to endorse IELTS scores obtained over two years ago, so if a match cannot be found on the online verification service, we will not be able to investigate further.
  • Can I search the verification site for a particular test taker? No, for security reasons, you are only able to search on a specific TRF number.
  • Who do I contact if i need more information? Please contact IELTSTRF@cambridgeenglish.org if you have any queries regarding the service, or require further information.
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