Assessing applicants in real life situations

IELTS is the number one high stakes English language test, trusted globally for 30 years. IELTS assesses and gives a true indication of a students ability to communicate effectively, setting them up for success at your organisation. A recent article ‘Passing now to fail later’ explains the risks of accepting short online tests that do not adequately assess the academic language skills needed for higher education. 

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Why accept IELTS?

Strict security measures are in place to ensure test taker identity and integrity.
Accepted and trusted by over 10,000 organisations including Universities, professional bodies, employers and migration authorities.
Face-to-face Speaking test, IELTS Speaking test is conducted by a qualified examiner who assesses test takers’ communicative skills in English reflective of real-life situations. This prompts a more realistic performance from test takers and gives a true understanding of their language ability.
Choice, IELTS offers a choice of two types of the test, Academic and General Training to better meet your organisations needs.

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