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The land of James Bond, the Beatles and J.K. Rowling, the United Kingdom has contributed centuries of art, music and heritage to the rest of the world. Now you can explore the famous cities and lush countryside that make up this green and pleasant land. 
For those wanting to work, study and live in the UK, IELTS is the most widely accepted English language test, recognised by employers and universities across the country.

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A career in the UK

With a fast-expanding business culture, the UK offers fantastic employment opportunities. Employers there see IELTS as the highest standard in English language, and trust your IELTS score.

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Study in the UK

The UK is home to some of the most respected academic institutions in the world. All of them recognise your IELTS score as an accurate measure of your English language skills, so you can focus on developing yourself through education.

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Live like a Brit

No matter how you want to live your life, the UK is a welcoming and diverse environment for newcomers. With centuries of heritage and world-famous culture, IELTS gives you the confidence to embrace British society to the fullest.

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