Founded in 1999, IELTS USA is the Los Angeles, California-based division of IELTS that manages acquisition of and customer relations with US organizations that accept the test, and is also responsible for increasing brand awareness and visibility among US higher education, government, and non-governmental agencies. 

IELTS USA is co-owned by the three IELTS test partners - British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English, and is a registered 501(c)3 headed by a CEO/Executive Director who reports to a Board of Directors. The IELTS USA Board of Directors is comprised of three representatives from each of the three partner organizations.

Mission statement

To support individuals and organizations within the United States in evaluating English language proficiency through high-stakes testing for the purpose of education, employment, professional accreditation and global mobility.


To establish IELTS as the premier high-stakes test of English language in the United States through quality service and support to test takers, teachers, researchers, recognizing organizations, professional associations, test centers and global partners.


IELTS USA values quality, integrity, commitment to excellence, partnership and service demonstrated through all actions, communication and business conduct.

The IELTS USA office consists of four departments:

The primary marketing objectives for the US Marketing Team are to strengthen IELTS brand awareness among US institutions and test takers through increased visibility, namely through conferences and events, social media, communications, public relations, advertising, and direct mail.

The team is also responsible for developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with educational institutions and organizations to further promote US recognition and expand our reach to potential test takers across the country.

For more information, contact us at marketing@ieltsusa.org.

The aim of the US Operations Team is to support all US business operations and to ensure the implementation of the IELTS USA strategic business plan.

The team is responsible for reporting US operational processes and procedures to the IELTS Board of Directors.

For more information, contact us at ielts@ieltsusa.org.

The aim of the US Higher Education Team is to provide support to educational institutions and organizations that accept IELTS in the USA through complimentary campus visits, stakeholder workshops, presentations, webinars, and individual consultative services.

The team works to ensure policies for IELTS acceptance and use in US international admissions is accurately communicated to prospective test takers.

For more information, you can view a list of contact details for the US Higher Education Team, or contact us at stakeholders@ieltsusa.org.

The primary strategic objective for the US Test Center Network Team is to ensure the high quality and secure administration of IELTS testing across the US through annual training and auditing of US test center staff.

The team also works to expand IELTS accessibility across the US by growing the test network to meet increased demand.

For more information, contact us at testcenters@ieltsusa.org.