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Future Webinar Topics

Interested in additional webinar topics from IELTS USA?

IELTS USA will be offering a series of informational online webinars to address frequently asked questions and concerns US educational institutions and organizations have about IELTS.

Recordings of each IELTS webinar will be available on-demand 2 weeks after their scheduled date (see below).

Upcoming webinars

IELTS Academic Reading for Instructors
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 10:00 am (PDT) / 1:00 pm (EDT)

The IELTS Reading Test assesses a wide range of skills, such as reading for gist, reading for main ideas and details, understanding inferences and implied meaning, and recognizing a writer’s attitude and opinion. This webinar will give you the knowledge and tools you need to prepare your learners for the Reading section of IELTS Academic. Join us as we review examples of passages included on the test  and examine the most common question types.



Previous webinars

IELTS Listening for Instructors - May 2020

IELTS Listening assesses a wide range of listening skills, such as understanding main ideas, understanding specific factual information, recognizing opinions, attitudes and purposes of a speaker, and following the development of an argument. Join this webinar to explore the four parts of the Listening test, review examples of the possible question types, and learn what task-based activities you can incorporate to prepare your learners for success.

Recordings from previous webinars for Instructors can be accessed by completing this form.


IELTS Indicator Webinar - May 2020

Join representatives from IELTS USA for a webinar to learn more about the new IELTS Indicator.

The webinar will include:  

  • An overview of the IELTS Indicator online test

  • An explanation about validity and reliability

  • A brief description of security features

  • An overview of the IELTS Indicator Score Check

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IELTS Research Webinar: Everything you Need to Know to Apply for IELTS Awards! - May 2020

Each year, IELTS offers several grants and awards to contribute to the growing understanding of the nature of language proficiency and its place within linguistics and language education. IELTS USA works with faculty and graduate students in the US that are interested in pursuing research related to international students and English proficiency through the IELTS Joint-Funded Research Grant and the Caroline Clapham Masters Award. In this webinar, IELTS USA and Cambridge Assessment English will provide you with an overview of the goals for these awards, research areas of interest, and the application process.

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IELTS Speaking for Instructors - April 2020

Improve your understanding of the IELTS Speaking test and explore task-based activities you can implement to help students overcome common challenges. This webinar will also include speaking samples at various band scores and discuss Examiner comments to help you build your understanding of the assessment criteria used.

Recordings from previous webinars for Instructors can be accessed by completing this form.


Moving ESL Instruction Online: Considerations, Experiences, and Advice - April 2020

Moving ESL instruction online requires more than just mastering Zoom. Maintaining an engaging, level-appropriate, and student learning outcome-focused community of learning is achievable! Panelists share their experiences teaching online, collaborating with faculty and staff remotely, and an administrator's perspective of how to support faculty through this transition. Hear what has worked and what hasn't, and learn about online tools and resources you can use to engage your students and instructors to support them during this challenging time.

Recordings from previous webinars for Instructors can be accessed by completing this form.


Admitting and Supporting Non-Native English Speakers in an Online Learning Environment - April 2020

As universities across the U.S. adjust to the impact of Covid-19, many are considering moving programs online for incoming international students for Summer and Fall 2020 start terms. The potential backlog in visa processing once U.S. Consulates reopen may mean programs will see an increase in non-native English speaking students unable to arrive in time for on-campus courses. Regardless of the level that international students are pursuing in their online courses (ESL, Undergraduate or Graduate), Admissions Offices and Students Support Services need to be aware of the unique challenges for non-native English speakers in an online learning environment. Join IELTS USA as we discuss how this new learning paradigm should be taken into consideration as universities review applications for the upcoming start terms.

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Contact if you have any questions or would like to sign up for the next online webinar.