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Interested in additional webinar topics from IELTS USA?

IELTS USA will be offering a series of informational online webinars to address frequently asked questions and concerns US educational institutions and organizations have about IELTS.

Recordings of each IELTS webinar will be available on-demand 2 weeks after their scheduled date (see below).

Upcoming webinars

The 2021 IELTS USA webinar schedule will be announced in January!


Previous webinars

Preparing for Impact: Implementing Safeguards to Ensure International Student Success - November 2020

Universities across the globe have responded to the many challenges posed by Covid-19, one of which is determining the English language proficiency of international applicants while test centers are temporarily closed. Many universities responded to this challenge by temporarily accepting short online tests, which lack the robust peer-reviewed validity studies of other long-standing proficiency tests. As Tony Clark, Senior Research Manager at Cambridge Assessment English, mentioned in his recent LinkedIn article, shorter online tests offer less time to assess the skills you would expect from a test being used for academic purposes.


Join us for a webinar exploring how universities are grappling with these same questions and implementing safeguards to ensure struggling students can be identified and provided the language support they need.  



Misty Wilson, ESL Program Development & Research Manager, IELTS USA

Tony Clark, Senior Research Manager, Cambridge Assessment English

Alison Camacho, Associate Director of SCAD Language Studio, Savannah College of Art and Design

Katherine Pope, Director of English Language Institute, North Central College


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Exploring IELTS Around the World: Focus on Kazakhstan and Central Asia - November 2020

English language study is becoming increasingly important in the Central Asia region. Kazakhstan, which is the economic powerhouse in this region, has recently reformed their education system to meet their goal of creating a trilingual country by 2050. This reform included a recent initiative to teach sciences in English in all schools across the country.


Join IELTS USA and co-presenters for an overview of Central Asia with a spotlight on Kazakhstan. This webinar will review the student mobility of this region and recent education reforms to promote English language proficiency. Additionally, we will discuss IELTS test taker trends, recruitment opportunities for US institutions, and best practices for English language support for academic success.



Daniyar Duiagambetov, Marketing Manager, Central Asia, British Council

Naomi Levine, Director of Admissions, Northfield Mount Hermon

Dr. Kathie Stromile Golden, Provost and Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Mississippi Valley State University


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Language matters: A discussion on language, mental health, and the well-being of non-native speakers of English - October 2020

COVID-19 has exacerbated existing acculturation challenges for international students, and recently there has been a renewed interest in higher education to tend to their students’ emotional and mental well-being. For non-native English speakers, language difficulties can further impact their ability to cope during these difficult times.  

Join IELTS USA and international higher education colleagues for a discussion on the importance of language and the impact this has on mental health and well-being for non-native English speakers.


Guest speakers, Dr. Nelson Brunsting from Wake Forest University and Patriece Campbell from Millersville University will share research-informed, practical strategies that international student administrators can use to break down cultural barriers, help promote international students’ resilience, and foster a culture of care and advocacy in promoting international students’ mental health.


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International Student Success Beyond the Classroom: Employer Expectations and the Impact on Admissions Requirements - October 2020

Globalization has not only affected the increase in student mobility, it has also changed the landscape of English as the lingua franca in jobs around the world. This webinar will discuss the evolving English proficiency requirements in career fields across multiple disciplines, and the effect this has on the success of international students' job placement statistics.


We will also review how the changes in employer expectations should be considered when setting admissions requirements for international students, and adding more in-depth student support services for career preparation.

Katherine Beczak, Assistant Director, Graduate Enrollment Services, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rebecca Chase, Associate Director, Market Readiness & Employment, Wake Forest University
Mark Hurrell, Development Manager, Recognition, Cambridge Assessment English
Marianne Menius, Graduate Program and Research Manager, IELTS USA

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More Than Just an Interview: Evaluating English Proficiency for Admissions - September 2020

English proficiency is a vital factor for international student success both inside and outside the classroom. Successful students, specifically non-native English speakers, should be ready to engage in academic and social communication through productive and receptive skills.


In order to ensure that students are able to succeed and meet the demands of their program, it is essential to understand the complexity of English proficiency and assess these skills.


While interviews can serve as an important component of the admissions process, they will not provide an admissions officer or faculty member with a complete assessment of a student’s English proficiency. Enacting admissions policies that holistically assess students’ English proficiency is essential for both student and university program success.

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Complimentary Services and Professional Development Opportunities with IELTS - September 2020

Did you know that IELTS USA provides more than just an English proficiency test?  We also offer a variety of resources to assist representatives serving international students in a variety of capacities. Our goal is to provide services and support to help improve the overall international student experience on campus.


Join representatives from IELTS USA and panelists from Long Beach City College, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Mississippi Valley State University, and the University of La Verne as we take you on a journey highlighting IELTS complimentary services and professional development opportunities. Learn more about IELTS and participate in a panel discussion with your colleagues who are already using many of these resources.


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Spark Life into your IELTS Prep Class Through Engaging Class Activities - September 2020
Preparing students for IELTS does not have to be a dry and exclusively test-focused page-by-page turn of the book. Ignite life into our class by stepping away from a focus on the test and work on developing the skills needed to perform well!

This webinar will look at how to prepare students for IELTS through engaging class activities and is geared towards any ESL instructors, not just those preparing learners for IELTS.


Recordings from previous webinars for Instructors can be accessed by completing this form.


IELTS for Law Schools - August 2020
Join representatives from IELTS USA, LSAC, and Tulane Law School to learn more about how we work together to provide law schools with valid and reliable English proficiency assessments for their applicants. 

In this webinar, we discuss the IELTS data that can be received from LSAC, how law schools can set up their own IELTS Results Service Verification account, and other complimentary IELTS services that are available to all universities. Tulane Law School will also share some examples from their experience of working with both IELTS and LSAC.


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Using IELTS Speaking Assessment Criteria to Provide Feedback on Student Speaking - August 2020
The IELTS Speaking Test measures speaking performance using four assessment criteria — fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. Trained IELTS Examiners use detailed performance descriptors to award band scores for each of the four criteria.

Find out how a better understanding of the four assessment criteria and performance descriptors can be used in your own feedback to students, whether you prepare learners for IELTS or teach speaking to English language learners. This webinar will include a detailed review of the performance descriptors and uses test taker speaking samples to illustrate key differences between band scores 6, 7, and 8.

Recordings from previous webinars for Instructors can be accessed by completing this form.


Preparing Learners for IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 - August 2020
The first task on the IELTS Academic Writing Test asks test takers to describe,  summarize, or explain information provided in a chart or diagram. The two most common issues test takers face on this task is understanding what the task requires and having the lexis needed for describing data. This webinar provides specific strategies and class activities that can be incorporated into an IELTS prep course to prepare learners for Task 1 on the IELTS Academic Writing Test.


Recordings from previous webinars for Instructors can be accessed by completing this form.


Using IELTS Writing Assessment Criteria to Provide Feedback on Student Writing - August 2020
The IELTS Writing Test measures writing performance using four assessment criteria — task achievement (Task 1)/ task response (Task 2), coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, and grammatical range and accuracy. IELTS Examiners use detailed performance descriptors to award a band score for each of the four assessment criteria. 

Find out how a better understanding of the four assessment criteria and performance descriptors can be used in your own feedback to students, whether you prepare learners for IELTS or teach writing to English language learners. This webinar will include a detailed review of the performance descriptors and use test taker writing samples to illustrate key differences between band scores 6, 7, and 8.

Recordings from previous webinars for Instructors can be accessed by completing this form.


IELTS 101 - July 2020

With the application season right around the corner, we invite you to join IELTS USA for our IELTS 101 webinar. This webinar is geared towards both undergraduate and graduate admissions professionals, and is ideal for anyone new to international admissions or in need of an IELTS refresher.  


Topics include:

  • an overview of IELTS

  • a review of score delivery options that are offered to recognizing organizations

  • information on IELTS Indicator and API integration

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