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IELTS for prospective test centers in the USA

IELTS USA is expanding the US test center network as demand for the test continues to increase. IELTS testing is now available in major metropolitan cities across more than 50 testing locations on American community college, university and language school campuses.

Check the map for a list of IELTS testing locations currently available throughout the United States:


Learn more about the requirements and benefits of becoming an IELTS test center. 

Join the US test center network


On-Site IELTS Testing

If you are interested in offering the IELTS test on your campus, learn more about on-site testing where we bring the test to you.

Test on your campus

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IELTS in the USA

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Candidate Protection
IELTS for organizations in the USA

Information and resources for educational institutions and organizations in the USA.

Test day security
IELTS for test takers in the USA

Testing and results information for test takers in the USA.