Become a test center in the USA

Benefits of becoming an IELTS test center

  • Associate your organization with the authentic, global and customer-focused test of English language proficiency
  • Benefit from unique professional development opportunities for your ESL teaching staff to become IELTS examiners
  • Provide a valuable service for your own students, other educational departments in your organization and residents of the local community by integrating IELTS into the curriculum
  • Develop a healthy new income stream
  • Embrace a range of wrap-around products including preparation material and courses
  • Open new markets and attract new students.

Information for prospective test centers

The IELTS test is delivered by local test centers, requiring a commitment to the scheduling and administration of the test in a standardized and secure environment, and the local marketing of the service. 

General requirements

IELTS USA accepts applications from educational institutions that service non-native speaker students and alien residents in major metropolitan areas across the USA. Key institutions that IELTS USA works with include university language centers and testing centers, colleges and community colleges. Institutions must be accredited, with sound financial status and have access to qualified, experienced ESL professionals.

To view a detailed list of requirements for IELTS test administration and delivery in the USA, see Information for Prospective IELTS Test Centers (PDF, 168KB).

Test center interest form request for follow up

If your USA organization would like to become an IELTS test center, please submit an email request to and include your name, contact details, role and organization. Please also include a brief description of your organization, to include history, types of programs offered, annual international student enrollment, detail of any other tests offered, detail of institutional accreditation(s), and detail of organizational funding.

Please note that if you are interested in becoming an IELTS test center outside of the USA you should contact your local British CounciI or IDP: IELTS Australia office.

Questions or further information on the USA IELTS test center network

If you have questions or need more information about the IELTS USA test center network, contact