On-Site testing

We Come to You!

Do you need to independently evaluate the English language proficiency of your students or staff members?

If so, IELTS has an on-site testing option to address your needs. 

Did you know, IELTS is… 

  • Accepted

More than 10,000 organizations around the world, including over 3,000 US institutions accept IELTS as evidence of English proficiency. Search our database of global recognizing organizations.

  • Accessible

IELTS has several test dates that can meet your needs across the year. Find your nearest IELTS test center for information about upcoming test dates.

  • Convenient & Cost effective

Help your students and staff members take IELTS at a more convenient location, by eliminating the costs associated with traveling to a testing center. 

  • Realistic

The IELTS test consists of questions that are relevant to the way test takers need to use English in their studies or working lives, making it a real-life test for the real world. 

  • Paper-Based

A paper-based test allows for flexibility in where it can be administered, making On-Site Testing an option to a variety of testing venues and locations provided there is sufficient space that abides by the strict standards and policies set by IELTS globally. 

  • Face-to-Face

The use of face-to-face speaking in IELTS is the most effective means of measuring speaking skills, and prompts a more true-to-life assessment of a test taker’s ability to communicate in English.

Organizations that can benefit from IELTS on-site testing include:

  • High schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Businesses

What’s next?

Complete the IELTS USA testing interest form to provide us with some additional information for follow up.