Online registration in the USA

If you are ready to register for IELTS in a convenient test center location in the United States of America, we’ve listed everything you need to get started below.

How to register

The process of registering for IELTS to receiving your results can be broken down into 8 easy steps: 

  1. Create an account in the IELTS USA online registration system
  2. Select the test type (Academic or General Training)
  3. Find a test center location and select a test date 
  4. Complete the online registration form and submit payment
  5. Receive a confirmation email of your registration and payment
  6. Prepare for your test with our practice materials
  7. Arrive in-person to your IELTS test center and complete the test
  8. Receive your IELTS test results

Things to remember

Quality control

Registration and results

When registering, make sure you enter your contact details correctly.
Otherwise, your test results may not be sent to the correct address.
You can add up to 5 organizations where you would like your test results to be sent before or after you take the test.

Candidate Protection


If you have a disability or require special arrangements,
please tell your test center at least 6 weeks before your test.


Child Protection

Under 18? Please see our IELTS USA Child Protection Policy.


Transfers / Cancellations / Refunds / Failure to Attend for IELTS on Paper AND IELTS on Computer tests in the USA:

Requests to transfer/postpone or cancel your IELTS must be submitted in writing by email to the test center where you have registered.

Transfer/postponement or cancellation requests made via telephone will NOT be accepted.



Failure to attend